What Does It Take?

One of my favorite things about writing a blog is that people introduce me to all kind of cool products. They do so in hopes that I’ll share them with you. Mind you, I am very picky about things I’ll actually share here. I turn down dozens of items and products for every one you see actually posted here.

I get way more review requests, than hours I have available to review. So, right out of the starting gate, I’m quite selective about offers I’m even willing to try.

If I say I’m going to honestly review something, I’m going to commit the time to really exploring that product. This kind of careful evaluation takes time, so something has to really interest me to begin with, in order for me to be willing to invest that time. My first consideration is deciding if it is something I feel meets my needs and could bless my readers.

Next, I do actually sometimes refuse to review some items after I have evaluated them. I have an, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything all all,” mindset with my blog reviews. That it why you will rarely see negative reviews posted here, not because I never have dislikes, but because I don’t want to waste your time telling you about anything I can’t equivocally endorse! (If I do actually post anything negative, you’ll know I’m rather fired up about that opinion.)

If you are taking time to read what I write, I understand that you are placing trust in the validity of my opinion. I value your trust! I don’t take your loyalty for granted. I never wish to compromise or minimize the confidence you place in my words.  Please know that I have your interests at heart, am treating you as a personal friend, when I tell you about something that makes me own life happier.

I ask myself if I feel a product world be worth spending my money on, in order to have it in my life or not? Encouraging you to get something that I’ve talked about here, will typically involve expense on your part, and I don’t take that idea lightly. (So, yes, I’m often telling you about a product that has been supplied to me for free, in exchange for my honest reaction.)


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