Our daughter wants this to remain a big surprise for her friends, so if you know anyone (even your own student!) in the McDowell youth group, please keep this news hush-hush for a few more weeks…

In 5 days, Rick and I will be flying down to Ar-i-ZONE-a on a house hunting mission. Yes, we are moving. We don’t know how long it will take to close escrow on the new house, but we are madly packing in order to be ready as soon as it does. R.’s goal is to simply show up down there and see friends’ reactions.

We have counted 40 unique faint-like events in the 28 days R. and I have been back from AZ…

…even though her elevation medication has been upped to 8 times the dose that brought us 9 glorious days of stability in March. Upon returning to elevation, my own asthma (that was quiet all summer) and tachycardia / POTS (that have been well controlled for over a decade) have been haywire!

We have tried HARD to stay in Reno. God has made it clear, repeatedly, that He has a new season in store for us near Phoenix. I like to think of this new chapter in our lives as our “up from the ashes” season of hope, joy, and restoration.

We are exactly two weeks out from being a full one year since that first school phone call when R.’s elevation-induced fainting started.

Even with a 2-month break down in AZ over the summer, we have now documented 125 events this past year. (Likely many more than that, as we were initially not recording drop episodes, having no idea how much of a “thing” they would become!) We have only learned in recent months that she also often faints while already asleep, so we have no way to know what her true number of events have been this year – I imagine she is likely somewhere nearer to 300.

We are excited to be moving near several world-class medical facilities that will be available to 16-year-old R., to myself with ongoing post-stroke follow-up needs, for our 19-year old who will be flying down with grandparents again to see more doctors, in between our house hunt and move, and simply for great day-to-day care for Rick and our, thankfully, healthy 13-year-old.

We are blessed to have already found the church home where we have been plugging in every time we’ve flown down to Mayo Clinic. R. has been enjoying the youth group on every visit we’ve made to AZ since January, and has already applied to serve on the student leadership team there for this school year. I spent the summer meeting weekly with the prayer team. We were both blessed to join the youth group for summer camp in July.

Prayer Needs:

Rick and I are asking God’s favor on our trip next weekend, that He will lead us to the exact right house, in the best location to accomplish His purposes in our move, at a fair price we can reasonably afford. We are specifically praying for neighbors and school district, along with specific needs (and some wants) for each family member.  Also that the timing of our offer will work out perfectly (the housing market is insane down there, and buyer competition fierce) and that the current owner would be inclined to favor and bless us in the transaction.

Both sets of our parents live here (mine 5 minutes away, his 1 hour). We’ve been in this house almost 15 years now. Little J. has never moved before, R. and older J. have only moved houses once, right here within Reno. Rick has lived outside of a 2 1/2-hour radius of his parents’ house only during his college years. After a lifetime as an MK (missionary kid) moving, often across international oceans, about every 2 years of my entire childhood, this is my first home with deep “roots” that have been established in the Reno community for nearing 22 years. We all need your prayers as we find our new fits in a new state!

Let’s Help Each Other!

If you are local to northern NV and want to get together before we move, please come help pack a box or two so that we have a chance to visit! Also, if you are looking for an antique piano, outdoor playhouse and slide, dressers, or other furniture, we can likely fix you up (for free).

Our current house is listed on Zillow, in case you know of any family that needs a single-story house with 4 bedrooms plus a den (currently being used as a 5th bedroom, but no built-in closet) and 3 1/2 baths, in south Reno (Curti Ranch). We would love to talk with you and receive offers before we list with a realtor, as maybe we can save us both some money by eliminating those fees. 🙂 This is a unique all-on-one-level home that we will be very sad to leave. We’ve invested so much time and love and made some amazing upgrades like wood plank-look tile flooring throughout the kitchen / family great room, and reclaimed 1800s barn wood beams used to build the mantel of our custom fireplace. Finding a comparable replacement for this home will be very hard!