“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another:
‘What! You too?
I thought I was the only one.'” – 

Facebook.com/groups/InDarknessSing is an interactive community offering my reader-friends hope and encouragement in the face of all kinds of griefs and heartaches. Maybe you are facing infertility, pregnancy / infant loss, death and bereavement, brain injury (possibly from stroke), chronic illness, marriage or parenting struggles, disappointment, disability,  or any form of discouragement? Please come find comfort from friends who understand!

I need your help!

I’m trying to grow my numbers really rapidly as publisher eyes are on this message board project. Having you join would be a huge blessing to me! I hope to build a real family of support and encouragement where heavy hearts find hope in Jesus. Please spread the word!

On my author PAGE, facebook.com/HarvestingHope, I try to gift you with near-daily inspirational content to uplift and encourage you. It’s my “give-out” page. I pray you will come to receive blessing here. Yet I know it is hard to interact as a community on a FB page.

I also invite you to my private reader GROUP, where we can interact together and build friendships. Please join me at facebook.com/groups/InDarknessSing and share this link with all your friends looking for a home of hope.

When you join, AND EACH TIME YOU SHARE THE LINK and leave a comment and link to your share, there on the group, I’ll enter you in a give-away! I’m planning to draw a gift winner ever 100 new likes over there. Share however you can: your blog, message boards, social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, even word of mouth (just have new members tag you, so I know to count your word of mouth share that led a new friend there).

Please be a Burden Bearer and help lift one anothers’ loads, as we strive together to sing praises to, and worship, our loving King, the LORD Jesus Christ, in the midst of our deepest struggles, and darkest trials. InDarknessSing is a community where my readers can joyfully fellowship and encourage one another through ongoing interaction.