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Jesus Help!

What a week.

After an amazingly “stable” (for us) month with very few drop episodes (faints), we are in a storm! R. was 12-days episode-free when she went down Monday afternoon, the first of eight document-able drops in these past 4 1/2 days.

We’ve been in one ambulance, and two emergency rooms, for her. My baby girl (age 16) got poked and prodded with 10 needles over two days, just to get one tiny blood sample and run a single liter of fluids. (More tiny needles too, because EMTs always do a finger prick to verify stable blood sugars, but those are nothing like the 7 failed IV attempts!)

We managed to create emergency code calls at school every day we attended school this week. The one day we didn’t go to school, we visited the hospital for a planned procedure, and she passed out in the food court there, creating a hospital code call with six emergency responders immediately jumping into action.

The school also had to call an ambulance for me on Monday after her first event. (I couldn’t find her when the emergency announcement went out Monday, so ended up “running” – if you could call it that in my post-stroke condition – down five different long school hallways before I got to her.) I spent three hours in urgent care, had a steroid shot, two breathing treatments, and am now on a week of home Prednisone and a shiny new inhaler, for exercise-induced brochio constriction. God has been gracious in allowing me to be there for R. all week, in spite of steroids that typically are emotionally crippling, and ongoing asthma attacks.

What we are thankful for today:

1. R. can still see.

2. R. can still hear.

3. R. continues to wake up.
Fifty-eight times over the past 8 months and 3 days, she’s gone down, but regained awareness within an hour and a half or less (sometimes in as little as seconds, often within minutes) each time.
Every time we see those beautiful brown eyes flutter open, or hear her tired and frustrated “Hi,” upon comprehension of what has happened again, I breathe a prayer of relief and utter thanks.
Every. Single. Time.

Prayer needs:

1. This situation is progressing. We have some of the very best doctors in the world currently trying to crack the mystery. God already KNOWS exactly every detail of what and why. He can bring hidden things to light. In a word, He can heal.

2. R. is a trooper, but she is hurting.
This is a brilliant, talented, funny, amazing young lady, who no longer is allowed independence to even shower or use the restroom alone (as she has gone down doing both). Driving, preforming, babysitting, summer camp, pretty much any normal teen activity, is totally out of question right now.
Our historically straight-A student has missed so much school this year, that school administration and teachers are working creatively to help her even earn high enough grades to even qualify for course credits so that we can count some of her sophomore studies toward graduation requirements.
Physically, she has a migraine headache that has not dropped below a 4 pain threshold (often much higher) since February 18.
She is utterly discouraged, embarrassed, and overwhelmed, in addition to the terrifying unknown and bodily suffering.

3. Our entire family is feeling hard pressed. R’s bothers (19, 13) are watching their sister get worse and worse. We all are feeling helpless, are fighting hopelessness. It is scary and confusing.
Our oldest has his own mystery medical struggles that have kept him primarily bed-bound since last fall. While the battle isn’t as intense, it is a continual struggle, without many more answers for J. than R.
Rick and I feel at such loss for the next steps God would have us take. In one sense, our marriage has been driven closer than ever, as we cling to each other at the foot of the cross. In other ways, the pressure on our marriage is so incredibly intense and we struggle in many ways!

“Restore” has been my word for this season. It is my heart’s cry. Would you please join us in praying for this?

When They Say You Are Crazy

A year ago today, R (soon to turn 16) was having surgery to remove all cartilages from her 4 lowest left ribs, along with a little bit of sharped bone. Little did we know that in May, she would have another rib surgery on the other side, along with that accompanying hospitalization.

Then 30+ faints over the past 4 months and 1 day.

Or to 2 concussions, blindness, hair loss, significant hearing loss, and some memory issues.

Ten hospital night stays broken up between 4 different hospitals.

Seven ambulance rides (including a 4-hour ambulance ride to one out-of-state hospital).

Seen in 5 different hospital systems in 3 different states.

Undergone many more pokes, tests, draws and scans than anyone should have in a lifetime.

Not In Her Head

After a dozen tests and appointments in another big hospital, we have confirmation on some suspected conditions, as well as some new diagnoses. Multiple doctors in two different state have been telling us that her symptoms were only physical manifestations of emotional trauma. (Once this theory was proposed by one doctor, everyone who encountered her chart thereafter, jumped on that premise. We’ve been battling this mindset for months now, while watching our daughter continue to physically deteriorate, growing worse by the day.)

We would not settle for the “emotional” answer, even when a panel of a dozen doctors in one hospital room included a passionate young intern who fought tears as she proclaimed, “Until you can believe, and help your daughter accept the fact, that there is a psychological basis for her illness, she will not, can not, start to get better!” Let it be known that she has at least four document-able PHYSICAL health issues at play here! I am so thankful God did not allow us to settle for that garbage-can explanation!

How To Pray

If you are praying with us, we are specifically asking God to continue to give our current doctors great wisdom and insight, and to bring hidden things to light. While all the guys stay here for work and school, I will fly R. back again in another week and a half for even more testing. (My husband’s job has been so flexible in allowing Rick needed time off and the ability to work remotely. Thank you also to family members who are significantly aiding with transportation and medical costs!)

Less than 24 hours after our last appointment and diagnosis there, our oldest was tentatively diagnosed, back here at home, with a separate serious issue. We are in a 2-week testing phase to see if we can confirm his working diagnosis, or if a new approach will need to be taken with his care. If he has what his doctor thinks it is, the answers are hard, but we would finally know what we are up against. If he doesn’t respond favorably to treatment trials, we will wave to expand the search into other specialty field and do some deep digging!

God is good ALL THE TIME. We are in a wild storm, but my Jesus walks on water and will hold us every step of His perfect way!

First Adult Job

With all else going on, I will be starting a new job on Monday morning! Because we were getting so many emergency calls from the school each week, we got to the point, around Thanksgiving, that any time our daughter was on campus, I would also be at the school. My days were typically spent sitting in the front office or clinic all day, volunteering however I could, while waiting for medical code calls to be announced every time our girl fainted.

By being on campus, I was immediately available for feedback as the school’s emergency response team evaluated each situation to consider ambulance need. After a few weeks on campus, I was asked to apply for an open position. I soon filled out my first job application in over 20 years (for a job I did not get offered back then). My interview was shortly before Christmas. It is exciting to have a reason to be there each day, other than waiting for my girl to go down!



Not THAT Thick

Have you ever said, “I wish there was something more I could do than pray”?

Lately God keeps impressing on my heart that prayer can be much like “digging through the Berlin Wall with a spoon”. Prayer feels so ineffective at times!

I looked up facts about the Berlin wall. I expected it to measure many feet thick, like The Great Wall of China or something. While I could never find actual wall thickness dimensions, the picture evidence shows that, as boarder walls go, this one really wasn’t THAT thick!

Photo credit: Irish Times

It was tall, stretched on for miles, was stationed with watch towers, armed guards, attack dogs, anti-vehicle trenches, and more.

But the depth of the wall itself? Not that impressive. Only barbed wire in some places!


That’s the thing about the enemy. He traffics in intimidation.

Sure, he has multiple tools of the trade, but when it comes to what appears to be the hardest thing of all, yes there is work required, and the progress might seem neither swift nor evident, but the barrier is far more fragile than the devil would have us believe!

So get on your knees and start digging with renewed fervor. Sharpen your blunt weapon of prayer by way of vigorous and repetitive use. As you faithfully erode the foundations of your insurmountable wall by prayer, you are leaving cracks and inviting God to do the heavy work of tearing down, not just your wall, but removing every enemy blockade that accompanies your barrier!

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