Jennifer (Camp) Saake is a beloved wife in a marriage God redeemed from the brink of divorce, a long-awaited mom to three miracles on earth and several others who slipped from her womb into Heaven over a ten-year struggle (as well as multiple failed adoption attempts), co-founder of Hannah’s Prayer (infertility, miscarriage) ministries, a published author,

a young stroke survivor (six catastrophic strokes at age 39, via chiropractic neck adjustment gone wrong), and a woman striving to learn the simple freedom of grace, after innocence was stolen very early in childhood, through prolonged abuse by a caregiver, while her family was on the mission field in Asia.

In her “Bravest Brave,” Jennifer tells about her Darkest Darkness. This is part of her story, but not her definition. She loves the Bible and many other books, butterflies, bears, hot air balloons, babies, and beverages.

The glass teapot was a gift from my beloved Rick.

Flowering tea on Jennifer’s kitchen table.

OK, corny “B list”! Make that last one tea, hot or iced, hold the sugar, add triple lemon, please. Caffeine is absolutely required to pry her eyes open each morning, but by two in the afternoon, she switches to decaf, because sleep is appreciated at night.

NO COFFEE. It is false advertising. Smells divine. Tastes horrid!

And chocolate. Might not start with a “B,” but absolutely, Do. Not. Forget. The. Chocolate.

Most of all, Jennifer loves her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


It’s like the two short words:

– “say” (like what comes out of the mouth)
– “key” (how you unlock a door)